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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance RockvilleAir conditioning maintenance can seriously extend the life of your AC, as well as help avoid costly repairs or early replacement. Call us to find out about a customized maintenance plan for your air conditioner, and we’ll show you how much of a difference it will make!

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

Our AC maintenance plans are designed to give you peace of mind. Knowing that your system has been checked by a professional and is in ideal condition will help you keep your cool through the summer.

Our air conditioning maintenance plans are all fully customizable, so depending on what you are trying to achieve with them, we can give you a custom price quote for exactly that! Most of our maintenance customers prefer to have us do a full inspection of their AC system, check all of the parts and ensure everything is in working order. If filters need to be changed, parts need to be oiled, or fixed, we’ll do it. That way, you’ll know that your system is prepped to handle the heavy load it gets throughout our warmer months.

In most cases, your air conditioning won’t go through the same breakdowns or problems that others may encounter once we’ve done the inspection and tune up on your system. However, if you do need a service call in between maintenance calls, your call will move to the top of our work list, and you will get 25% off of any repairs needed.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract RockvilleYour heating and cooling systems go through a lot of use during our seasonal changes, and regular air conditioning maintenance can seriously improve its lifespan and efficiency during use. One thing that is very important to do is to keep your HVAC equipment in great shape, as it will use less energy that way. With the costs of energy these days, you can’t afford to have your air conditioning wasting it.

If you neglect to take care of your equipment and give it the proper care, you’ll pay for it in more ways than one! Not only will you have higher energy bills, you’ll also have breakdowns when it is most inconvenient, you’ll have higher repair costs, and probably will need to replace your AC sooner than those that are well taken care of.

You can, of course, keep in some basic air conditioning maintenance actions on your own that will help your system operate more efficiently, such as changing your filters regularly, so you get proper airflow, and keeping the temperature set as high as possible. The other factors that will help you out majorly fall under our services. Getting a semi-annual tune up can go a long way; give us a call to get a free estimate on a custom plan for your needs.

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We provide air conditioning maintenance in Potomac, Gaithersburg, Rockville and all the surrounding Metro DC areas. Call us to get a second opinion on your AC services. Our technicians will give you an honest estimate of what you really need, and how much it would cost. We take it to heart to give you the quality of service you deserve, and for affordable rates. Check us out on Angie’s List; we’re also members of the BBB.

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