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Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality may not be something you think of very much, but did you know it can greatly affect your health? Per the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air! We have solutions to keep your family, or your occupants, safe. Call to ask us about a whole-house solution that will keep the air safe for all.

Indoor Air Quality Potomac

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Indoor Air Quality Inspection

We have come up with an effective answer to the problem of poor indoor air quality. One of our technicians can do an inspection of your home and determine which elements should be installed to protect your family. If your home is too humid, too dry, or prone to dust, pet dander or other bacteria, we can implement different elements that coordinate with your air conditioning system and improve the indoor air quality.

Whole home humidifiers - these can help to bring in moisture that the air in your home is lacking. If your family are suffering from dry sinuses, static shocks, itchy skin, or damaged wood floors or furniture, a humidifier for your home can help ease these problems, as well as allergy and asthma symptoms, too.

Whole home dehumidifiers - on the reverse spectrum is the presence of excess moisture. This brings about things such as sticky, sweaty environments that have the potential of bringing about unhealthy indoor air quality, thanks to too much moisture. We can install a dehumidifier with the capacity to remove up to 150 pints of water a day!

Measure Indoor Air QualityWhole home ventilation systems - a ventilation system will help keep your air cleaner by exchanging the air inside your home with air from outdoors on a regular basis, so it stays fresh. This will monitor the proper exchange of fresh air and potentially bacteria-infected air, to keep it as comfortable and energy-efficient for you as possible.

Whole home air cleaners - perhaps the most important element we can add to any AC system, in terms of benefitting the indoor air quality, an air cleaner will take care of the dirty work for you. We’ll install it in your central heating and air system, so you don’t have to see it or have any attention on it, and it will get to work for you. Air cleaners help rid your home of pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, dust and other concerns, so your family can breathe freely.

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We offer indoor air quality inspections in Potomac, Gaithersburg, Rockville and all the surrounding Metro DC areas. As an air conditioning company with over 30 years of experience, we know what to look for to make sure your family is getting the healthiest air possible. Give us a call to find out about the solutions we can install in your home to make sure you aren’t getting polluted with every breath!

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